A Retired Coal Miner

I am a retired coal miner that has had back problems since my early twenties. When I was 43 years old I had to have surgery to correct a bulging disc in my lower back. Even after the surgery back pain often interrupted my ability to enjoy an active life style. I spent numerous days taking muscle relaxers, pain pills, and wearing a back support recovering from muscle spasms in my back. This was a recurring problem.
About eight years ago I decided to try Chiropractic care for my back problems. Following the advice of some friends I made an appointment to see Dr. Jeff Hoepfner at Ohio Valley Chiropractic in Bellaire, Ohio. Dr. Hoepfner’s treatment of my condition has been a tremendous relief for my back problems. Dr. Jeff has been treating my back on a regular basis for 8 years now. I have not needed muscle relaxers, pain pills, or a back support to maintain my way of life. It is wonderful to be able to bend over and tie the laces on my shoes, to get into and out of a car without back pain, to shoot a bow without back pain, and to walk with my family without worrying if my back is going to tighten up on me.
I would highly recommend Dr. Hoepfner to anyone with back problems.
Richard M. Homko